Biff Skyler Adventures

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With the Biff Skyler Media brand, we specialize in the generation of captivating adventure, entertainment, and educational content packaged to attract audiences into the world of aviation history and folklore. All Biff Skyler products capitalize on exceptional written content and high graphic quality to generate an interest in the science of flight, building a community of aviation enthusiasts.

These adventure stories convey in a realistic way a nostalgic tone that delivers the reader to an imaginary world when aviation was the supreme technology. Biff Skyler, youthful aviator and adventurer, should evoke an interest in aviation in children and young adults, entertain them, and perhaps be a factor in aiding them to join the aviation industry of the future.


The world of Biff Skyler lives with the terrific creative team at RJ Sekerak Enterprises. Call for more info.

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We can't return to the aviation empire of the past, but we can share those experiences through tales of innovation and adventure.

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