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The Adventures of Biff Skyler is the primary product of the Biff Skyler brand, designed as a monthly graphic adventure entertainment magazine with the mission to create a captivating imaginary world of entertainment and adventure, building a library of interesting characters, packaged into entertaining stories of nostalgic adventure and excitement.

Intended to build a community of aviation enthusiasts, the Biff Skyler Reporter contains valuable, relevant, and free managed content telling the aviation story to the interested community. The Reporter is designed to educate youth and adults about the importance of the aviation industry, promote the industry to the general public, and perhaps encourage participation in aviation as a career choice, business transportation tool, or pastime.


The world of Biff Skyler lives with the terrific creative team at RJ Sekerak Enterprises. Call for more info.

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We can't return to the aviation empire of the past, but we can share those experiences through tales of innovation and adventure.

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